Before requesting an appointment with one of our clinicians, it may be worth looking at our self-referrals page to check if a surgery appointment is needed for the service you require.

How to Request an Appointment

You can request an appointment in the following ways:

Routine Appointments

Routine appointments with the GPs may be booked up to a maximum of twelve weeks ahead.

  • 50% are available up to 8 -12 weeks ahead.
  • 25% are available from 08:30 on the day via reception.
  • Special appointments are available for medicals, minor operations, cryotherapy and gynaecological examinations.

You may state the doctor of your choice, although this may depend upon availability. If you feel it is necessary for you to see a health professional within 48 hours, please advise the receptionist. You may be offered an appointment with the duty doctor.

NHS GP Video Consultations

Through our GP federation we are pleased to inform you we can now offer NHS GP video consultations via the LIVI App.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday 08:00-20:00 and Saturday – Sunday 09:00-12:00.

More information

Telephone Appointments

Telephone appointments are also available for consultations where you do not need to see a GP face to face.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please call us on 01932 336880 or inform us online as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.